Finishes Texture

Noble Stucco and Exteriors uses architectural coatings which are acrylic based and available In many colours and textures.These coatings are all manufactured locally in Toronto And are made to withstand extreme environmental conditions. They are highly flexible And literally bead water.These applications can be applied by trowel, spray or rolled On and acts as a sealant which allows breathability but will resist moisture penetration. The finishes that are used by Noble Stucco and Exteriors are tinted with the finest iron oxides Which prevents fading and also ensures colour fastness.As a customer of Noble Stucco and Exteriors you will never have to worry about the effects of Acid rain, pollution, mildew and humidity on your building. Also ultra-violet rays will Have no adverse effects on these finishes


Finishes can be textured to your tastes and architectural moldings can be shaped without seams to all sills, doors and garages.Any color can be used and like the old style stucco it can be painted or recoated if your tastes change.On this durable system we can give the customer a 25 year warranty on product along with a 5 year warranty on workmanship
Our materials are made in Canada.

  • Many colors to choose from

  • Wash ability – can be cleaned with hot water or soap or pressure washing.

  • Our materials are chemical resistant against mineral spirits, paint thinner and muriatic acid

  • Can be applied to most construction surfaces.

  • Minimum maintenance required after installation-years later just wash walls with power washer or by hand.

  • Fade resistant-outstanding color consistency and color retention.

  • Competitively priced.

  • Unlimited textures can be achieved.

  • Building code acceptance.

We use materials that are water based.

Easy clean up while wet with soap and water.The toxicity of our materials is very low, similar to latex house paint.
Class “A” fire rated-will not propagate fire.Our materials are comprised of “Acrylic” polymers, which offer the best performance for exterior applications.Let us explain the difference between conventional stucco and the acrylic stucco system that we use.Conventional stucco is made up of multiple coats of cement, sand and lime mixture on a wire mesh. Cracking is the main problem due to the fact that settling, expansion and contraction will take place and cement has no choice but to crack under these conditions. It can be patched up but color matches will be impossible because of fading due to weather. The only option after that is to paint it. That is why nobody gives a written guarantee on this type of work.Acrylic (synthetic) stucco is the system that we use. It incorporates a 2 inch insulation affixed to the exterior of the home. Allowances are made for drainage channels and waterproofing. Fiber Glass mesh is embedded into a impact resistant base coat with an acrylic finish.