Maintenance Program

Because knowing where damage will happen gives us the opportunity to prevent it from happening.Noble Stucco and Exteriors has mastered the process of monitoring Repairing and maintaining stucco properties on houses and commercial buildings. We even maintain the wood trim, preventing expensive damage to windows, doors, and facia boards.We know what causes damage and can guarantee that we will prevent it from happening. Our maintenance procedures reduce costs by preventing damage that regularly happens on stucco properties.

At Noble Stucco and Exteriors we maintain color information in our files on the properties we maintain, making the process of matching the color of your stucco and wood trim easier and more predictable. Once we have worked on your home, we know the proper color formulas and use this information each time we do any maintenance work on your property.We also keep track of what maintenance work was done and where that work was performed so that we can ensure a lasting high quality repair
maintain2Our maintenance procedures include checking the caulking around all penetrations to verify that it is performing as needed, checking the paint to see if there are any cracks or de-lamination that has developed which can allow moisture into the wood, and checking the gutters for any leaks.We also check for any damage to the stucco including settlement issues, bulges, ripples, cracks, de-lamination, and erosion. Our expert inspectors also look for any signs of moisture intrusion, and if we find any, use a moisture meter to check that area.
Customers can select from 3 different maintenance programs offered by Noble Stucco and Exteriors.Under these programs, Noble Stucco and Exteriors will not only inspect your property, but will also do the necessary repairs if we find a problem, all for a low monthly service fee.You can even get reports that you can keep for your records that detail exactly what we did and why the repair was required. At Noble Stucco and Exteriors, we want to take the worry out of owning a stucco property.