Terms and conditions

How long does the Warranty last?

5YEARS         10YEARS

What is covered?

Noble Stucco & Exteriors warrants that all of the exterior products sold by us for use as a decorative textured coating material, as described by us to you, shall be free from defects in the manufacture and application of the materials to your building.This warranty extends to any owner of a building that we do work on within the warranty period.

What is not covered?

Failure of the owner to maintain the building with reasonable care; Normal conditions such as efflorescence, fading, minor cracks and wear; Physical abuse, substrate compromise, leaks or structural building movement; Fire, storm or other acts of nature or god.
Note: Proper flashing and weeping of windows, doors and other wall penetrations is required as a Condition of this warranty. This must be done in order to prevent water from getting behind Exterior coatings.
Any further construction on the home must conform to local building code requirements. Other contractors must comply with solid building practices that prevent water from entering the wall Cavity.
Noble Stucco & Exteriors will not be responsible for water damage, including insect, fungus and mold infestation caused by leaky windows and doors and other wall penetrations. Also, consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty.

What will Noble Stucco & Exteriors do?
Noble Stucco & Exteriors will replace the goods and provide the labour to fix the problem.

How do I get service?
Within 30 days of the time you discover any problem with the System, write to us including a brief description of the problem. Also include any sales receipts, contracts or invoice showing evidence of a date of installation.

What maintenance is required?
In addition to general maintenance practices, you should periodically take note of your exterior to make sure there is no penetration of moisture through the system. Common sense is the key word here.

* Seasonal Maintenance Services
When it comes to stucco properties, maintenance is the key to preventing expensive repairs.
Damage to stucco properties is predictable, which is good because knowing where damage will happen gives us the opportunity to prevent it from happening……more